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The MercyCare Malawi Story

It started in 2008 with the seed money from UrbanPromise Ministries, our affiliate and partner, with the aim to promote the welfare of the less privileged children and youths in Malawi through holistic programming.

The Director and leaders of MercyCare Malawi are graduates of African Bible College equipped through an all year round leadership training and internship through UrbanPromise International organization in the USA.

The ministry focuses on needy children and youths by offering afterschool programs and summer camps focused on literacy, life management skills and overcoming poverty.

The Education Crisis in Malawi

The education crisis is severe in Malawi. Most children lack the necessary financial, material or parental support needed to receive a high school education, which is not free in Malawi. In addition, most schools don’t have enough resources to enhance the children’s educational experiences. Classrooms are over-crowded, making it difficult for children to concentrate and for teachers to provide the needed attention to each student (1:75 teacher/student ratio). Obviously, it is hard to achieve in-depth learning in this kind of environment. This poor overall school quality has led to a low completion rate, repetition and high dropout rates (Malawi Education Sector: Policy & Investment Framework (PIF) 2006). The need to establish more schools is therefore great.

Our Mission

MercyCare Malawi exists to make the difference in the lives of children and youths by equipping spiritually, academically, and socially with life management skills in order for them to achieve their life goals, develop leadership skills, and impact their communities.

This is achieved through holistic programming, such as through our high school project, AfterSchool & Summer Camp Program, Girls’ Empowerment Program, HIV/Aids Prevention and Teen Job Training.

The Team

Providence Chigwenembe

Programs Director

Collina Kadongola


Fyson Chidaolokera

Deputy HeadTeacher - Administration

Kondwani Saka


Isaac Nkhonjera


Steve Safari


Romuthi Mkandawire


Emily Gondwe

Language Teacher

Lyton Haindi

Chemistry and Mathematics

Synos Mwathunga


Jessie Jeke

Girls’ Empowerment Coordinator

Peter Gamula

Executive Director

Tabitha Gamula

Curriculum Advisor



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