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Girls Empowerment Program

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Girls empowerment program has been set to empower girls for higher education. It has been designed to reach out and touch girl’s lives in all areas. The group is specifically formed to advance knowledge, skills, experiences and information related to things that will help them excel not only in academic part but all areas of lives.


Girls empowerment program has been mandated to contribute to develop girls’ behavior, character, academic, skills and knowledge on all levels and areas of life. Girls’ empowerment program is there as a task force to give the girls an opportunity to recognize themselves.

Girls Empowerment Goal

Creating a community that recognizes the importance of female education and allows free participation of women in development activities and leadership through equipping children and teenagers with life management skills and moral values.


  • Increasing girls’ enrollment and performance in school and reducing school dropout rate.
  • Equipping communities to value girl education, to uphold and protect girls’ (women’s) rights.
  • Equipping girls with life management skills, through counseling, role modeling, relational time, career guide and motivational talk.
  • Developing a curriculum that offers a safe environment for girls to talk about issues affecting them.
  • Keeping teen girls away from early marriages, unwanted pregnancies, domestic violence, and child abuse.
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